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Making everyday life easier.

About Para Mobility

Para Mobility is an innovative Australian company with a unique understanding of the specific lifting requirements for people with a disability.

We are continually refining our equipment with designs that reflect the changing needs of our clients.

Para Mobility takes pride in the quality of their equipment and accepts designing for specific client needs a fulfilling challenge.

The company was founded on the ideals that people with a disability should be lifted with care and dignity. We have worked in the industry since 1983 when we approached the market with our first concept of lifting between a wheelchair and a vehicle. The company has continued to design and distribute quality and efficient equipment as the market required.

Recently, Para Mobility has acquired the agency for a number of products proven in the European market that we see as adjuncts to support our range of locally designed and manufactured items.

The company continues to look beyond its current designs in the belief that our equipment has yet to reach its market potential within Australia.

ABN: 29 081 258 291

NDIS Registered Provider # 95178109

NDIS Organisation ID # 4050001021

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