The Para Mobility range of wheelchairs and access equipment has been specially designed to make transport and travel easier. These are ideal for public and personal use, and are available for sale at our online store. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

Para Mobility is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, from providing access to the latest news and technology, to a great customer service team providing you with guidance and assistance. Whether you are looking for the latest hoist systems, or interested in installing a new disability bathroom for your recreational centre, we aim to make Australian buildings accessible to everyone.

What can I find in the mobility range?

Sling hoist lifters: Sling hoists are used for a variety of applications, including transferring patients to and from beds. These will keep the person in the hoist comfortable, while safely transferring them from different locations.

Wheelchair hoists: Typically made for cars, these hoists are either designed to comfortably transfer people in a wheelchair into their car, or simply carry the wheelchair on its own. These are ideal for private use, but also a great addition for public vehicles, taxis or tour buses.

All terrain wheelchairs: These wheelchairs have specially designed wheels that are able to cross through rough surfaces, including beaches and rocky pavements. This allows for people in wheelchairs to enjoy beach trips, picnics and adventures through heritage trails.

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If you are interested in our mobility range, whether it’s private use wheelchairs or access hoists and lifts for your business, get in touch with Para Mobility today. Para Mobility aims to provide resources and equipment for aged and disability care across Australia, from equipping public bathrooms, to providing access to quality private solutions. Call us on 1300 444 600 to find out more.

Our range includes: